Social Isolation: What Is The Impact On Child Development?

For three months, we have been experiencing what has been called the “new normal”, due to the pandemic. This implies, especially, in closed schools. There are three months without classes or with distance classes. But while it is the safest thing to do at this point, what will be the impact on child development of social isolation?

Understanding child development

What is human development? It is nothing more than the individual’s mental and organic development since childhood. Mental development is a continuous and relational construction with affective life and social relationships . Therefore, interaction with other people is very important for child development. Children build and deconstruct themselves through contact with each other and with the environment in which they live. 

However, with social isolation, what is the impact on child development?

In the current context, some aspects that are essential for human development and especially for child development are suffering impacts. Many family routines were broken , the school routine , affective bonds with friends and family and the performance of some leisure activities.

In addition, the growth in the use of electronic equipment is happening. This use is already associated with increased stress in children. This, associated with a lack of routine and outdoor activities, causes a whirlwind of emotions. 

Take the opportunity to explore new activities

Staying at home is not synonymous with boredom and needs family attention and understanding about this new dynamic. It is also a time to explore activities that are pleasurable for children and the family. 

Perform activities together. For example, making a cake, lunch or dinner , organizing the house or the yard. Try to tell stories , read and mediate reading. Play with playful stories, or with games that were part of your childhood.